Commodore VL-VS GEN3 5.7-6.2L TRI-Y Engine Swap

#PH5345 - Fitted with GEN3 5.7-6.2L Engine Swap. TRI-Y Design.

PH 5345 - Commodore VL-VS (Fitted with GEN3 5.7-6.2L) Engine Swap. Manual & Automatic. TRI-Y Design.

Part #: PH 5345    
P/Steering: Yes Gasket: DSF 138
Air Con: Yes Primary Pipe: 1¾" (44mm)
Oxy Sen: Yes Secondary Pipe: 2" (51mm)
E.G.R: N/A Outlet: 2½" (63mm)
Y Branch: N/A Fitting Time: 3½ Hrs

To guarantee fitment of this header we recommend using our engine mounts and gearbox crossmember.

Engine Swap Kit:

  • Use HK, HT, HG V8 Engine Mount Rubbers
  • Use HQ 8Cyl Turbo 400 Gearbox Rubber Mount

VL with RB30K Frame use:

  • PEMPLS1-6 LH & RH Engine Mounts
  • PEMPLS1-A6 LH & RH K Frame Mounts

VL-VS with V8K Frame use:

  • PEMPLS1-8 LH & RH Engine Mounts
  • PGXMLS1-A Automatic Gearbox Crossmember with Spacer
  • PGXMLS1-M Manual Gearbox Crossmember

Both kits use the same engine and gearbox rubber mounts.