Maloo VF 6.0L GEN4 & LS3 Ute 3

#VFM300U - 3" Dual Stainless Steel Sports Cat Back System.

VFM 300U - VF Maloo Ute 6.0L GEN4 & LS3. 3" Dual Stainless Steel Sports Cat Back System. Stainless Tips.

Part #: VFM300U
Drivers Engine Pipe: VF300ED    
Passengers Engine Pipe: VF300EP    
Center Muffler Assembly with V-Tex Pipe: VE300UC    
Drivers Rear Connecting Pipe: VE300D    
Passengers Rear Connecting Pipe: VE300P    
Drivers Rear Muffler: VFM300URD    
Passengers Rear Muffler: VFM300URP    
VE Stainless Steel Tips x 4: S606-63    

Note: Designed to fit Pacemaker Headers Part # PH5381, PH5382 and PH5387 with Euro III Cats CAT5382-02L and CAT5382-02R OR Euro II Cats CAT5387-02L and CAT5387-02R.


  • Rolled End Caps
  • 409 Stainless Steel Exhaust Tubing
  • Straight Through Design Mufflers
  • High Flow V-Tex™ Merge Pipe